80% of complaints shared with doctors are the result of stress rather than illness.  Most people are not sick, they are stressed!

Reducing stress reduces headaches, sleep issues, digestive problems and more.  Reducing stress creates an immediate increase in quality of life.

Reducing stress helps to relieve existing medical problems.  For example, an individual with epilepsy has the potential to lower their stress and experience fewer seizures.

StressWinner curriculum is based on the teachings of Dr. David Rainham, an internationally recognized expert on the subject of stress reduction.

StressWinner is simple and easy to implement because it provides so many options.  Like walking through a grocery store, participants are able to find the strategies that are the best fit for their lives.

Simple steps that radically reduce stress.

Stress is a normal and healthy response to the challenges we face in life, but it can go out of balance and start having a negative impact on our physical and mental health.  Instead of feeling energized and challenged we begin to feel burned out and overwhelmed.

StressWinner Stress Reduction Training helps participants identify where their stress is coming from, how it is currently affecting their health, and what they can do about it now.


  • Reduced feelings of illness, pain, and stress
  • Reduced fear, anxiety, and panic attacks
  • Reduced use of sick days, absenteeism, and turnover
  • Notably improved physical and mental health in the following weeks
  • Increased quality of life
  • Increased clarity and energy to engage with the team

Program Details

  • What is stress and identifying how it is currently impacting your health
  • Identifying the elements contributing to your current stress levels
  • Taking responsibility for your thoughts and regaining the power over stress
  • Simple steps to reduced stress through a healthy diet and active living
  • The connection between finances and stress and how to make things better
  • Time management and how to make your schedule your friend instead of your enemy
  • How to build and maintain support networks for when they are needed most
  • Basic relaxation techniques that can stop anxiety in its tracks and provide restorative rest

6 hours is the minimum, however, if you have less time we provide other StressWinner training options that can meet your needs and you can book up to 8 hours in one day of hands-on program time at no additional charge.  When given more time we take the opportunity to provide more information and opportunity for practice and discussion.


Organizations want to train as much of their team as possible to reduce the use of sick days, absenteeism, and organizational turnover so we’ve structured our pricing to make that possible!

$95 +tx per participant, all materials included

$90 +tx for schools, camps, employment programs, and non-profit initiatives

We charge for a minimum of 8 participants, however, smaller groups are welcome.

Additional charges may apply for groups with more than 120 participants or for travel outside of the Greater Ottawa Region

If the cost would be prohibitive please still contact us to discuss tailoring a program that would meet your budget


There is no minimum or maximum number of participants

This experience is most beneficial for youth and adults


Participants will require chairs and it is beneficial to have a hard surface to write on (ex. tables or clipboards).  The facilitator will require the ability to show Powerpoint slides.  A writing surface (ex. flipchart, whiteboard, chalkboard, etc) is ideal, but not required.  If a computer or projector are available for our use onsite please let us know, otherwise, we will bring our own.


Successful participants will receive a StressWinner certificate of participation.

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Bring your unused keys from your junk drawer or that are taking up space on your keychain to class and donate them to our KEYS TO SUCCESS program.  The money raised is used to provide training to those who have difficulty accessing it such as leadership development for youth at risk, first aid training for women's shelters and more!

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