Teams who participate in conflict resolution training traditionally see a lowered use of sick days and lowered absenteeism.  People who know how to resolve conflict show up!

Organizations benefit when their team members are all on the same page!  We have structured our pricing so you can train your TEAM rather than just one or two people.

Our curriculum is designed to be remembered under pressure.  The impact of the training goes way beyond the classroom.  Participants are ready to use what they’ve learned in real life.

We help participants identify their conflict resolution personalities so they can know what strengths they already have to work with and where they have areas for growth.

We regularly have participants follow up with us to share what a difference their training made in their lives.  We’re proud to be able to say that our training WORKS!

 The one course that can change EVERYTHING.

Serious breakthrough happens when people know what conflict resolution strengths they have and what has got to change.  People more enthusiastically take on the challenge of navigating conflict in a constructive way when they know the path to follow and that there is a very real finish line they are moving towards.  Hope sustains people when they know there will not be a permanent drain on their physical and emotional resources.  We can show your team how to actually move towards resolution!


  • A more positive team environment
  • Reduced fear and stress when facing and navigating conflict
  • Immediate constructive steps applied to existing conflicts
  • Deeper trust amongst team members
  • Reduced use of sick days and absenteeism
  • Reduced turnover

Program Details

  • Identification of your current Conflict Resolution Personality and its associated strengths and areas for growth.
  • How to reduce complex conflicts to their simplest parts so you can most effectively bring them to resolution.
  • Simple conversation principles that will successfully and satisfactorily resolve the majority of your conflicts with the first attempt.
  • How to engage appropriate help when the other person doesn’t want to deal with the problem.
  • How to facilitate a group intervention when a person doesn’t want to deal with the problem.
  • When, why, and how to create distance when a conflict is affecting your physical or emotional health.
  • Increasing speed of recovery from loss or damage as the result of a conflict.

4 hours is the recommended minimum, however, we can tailor shorter programs to meet your needs and you can book up to 8 hours in one day of training time at no additional charge.  When given more time we take the opportunity to provide more information and allow for more practice and discussion.


$95.00 + tx per participant

$90.00 + tx per participant for schools, employment programs, and non-profit initiatives

Minimum charge is for 8 participants, though smaller groups are welcome

Travel charges may apply for programs outside of the Greater Ottawa Region

If the cost would be prohibitive please still contact us to discuss tailoring a program that would meet your budget


There is no minimum or maximum number of participants

This experience is most beneficial for youth and adults


Participants will require chairs and it is beneficial to have a hard surface to write on (ex. tables or clipboards).

The facilitator will require the ability to show Powerpoint slides.  A writing surface (ex. flipchart, whiteboard, chalkboard, etc) is ideal, but not required.

If a computer or projector are available for our use onsite please let us know, otherwise we will bring our own.


All participants receive a certificate of participation from Open Door Development

Contact Us

Bring your unused keys from your junk drawer or that are taking up space on your keychain to class and donate them to our KEYS TO SUCCESS program.  The money raised is used to provide training to those who have difficulty accessing it such as leadership development for youth at risk, first aid training for women's shelters and more!

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