We do our best to be flexible because we know that you can have curveballs thrown your way!  Our policies help to balance flexibility with our needs to operate.

Contracts are only issued for large programs where we need to invest in resources prior to your program date.  Otherwise, we do our best to not lock you in because life happens.  Please review our policies to learn more.

We have a 20% Grace Window for participants who don’t show up.  Life happens and if you have participants who are sick or had their car break down, we don’t want to charge you for people who didn’t benefit from the programming.

Worried about inclement weather that will make it unsafe for your participants to reach the training site?  There is no charge for programs rescheduled due to Mother Nature.

We are always here to help you if you have questions!  You are invited to think out loud and to share your needs with us so we can support your team to the best of our ability.


Please review our policies and if you have any questions you are welcome to call us at 1-888-236-9914 or email us at info@opendoordevelopment.ca!

Minimum Charges

To make programming as affordable as possible for the greatest number of teams we have set minimum charges which make it possible for us to keep our overall operating costs lower.

We charge for a minimum of 8 participants.  You are welcome to have a smaller group with fewer people, but the minimum charge will always be for 8.

Travel Expenses

Our administrative office is based in Ottawa, Ontario, but our services come to you wherever you are in the world!

Our core service area is the Greater Ottawa Region (200km radius from Parliament Hill) and the pricing on our website reflects service within that geographic zone.  For programs outside our core service area, we simply apply a reasonable travel fee which will be provided as part of your quote.


If you are exploring available dates we are happy to pencil you in on our master calendar and contact you if another client requests that date before giving it away.  To confirm your booking you must indicate your official date(s) and expected numbers.  We will schedule our team accordingly and base your final invoice on this number.

Depending on how far in advance you are booking we may follow up with you closer to the program date to get the official expected numbers (different programs require different windows of time to prepare appropriately).  We will also require confirmation of the location, time frame, description of space available, and description of any participant needs to be taken into consideration.  Participant needs can be updated at any time (life happens and maybe someone twisted their ankle the day before)!  We want to ensure everyone has a good training experience and we will accommodate them accordingly.


The dates you tell us to prepare for are important!  We schedule clients based on availability and changing your program date after booking affects our staffing and can mean that we lose other business.

If you request to change your program date after officially booking and we are able to accommodate the change, please be prepared that we invoice $95 +tx per instructor per day of your program being rescheduled.  You will be reminded of this at the time of your request for your consideration.  Please note, this fee does not apply to tentative dates that have not yet been confirmed.

Expected Numbers

The number of participants you tell us to prepare for is important!  We don’t need to know their names ahead of time (this reduces administrative hassles for you), however, we do need to know how many staff to schedule and how many materials to provide.

If your expected number then goes down, please be prepared that we invoice $95 +tx per instructor per day if your change in numbers or cancellation means that their services are no longer required.  We do our best to avoid this situation and will communicate with you if the nature of your program could result in this kind of charge.

If your expected number goes up or you have additional participants show up on the day of the program we will attempt to accommodate them if possible.  However, we may have to say no to last-minute increases because of staff or material constraints.  Please inform us about any expected changes in the number of participants as soon as possible so we can prepare appropriately.


If a program has to be canceled due to inclement weather that makes it unsafe for participants or staff to travel to the training site there is no charge or service fee unless there is a contract in place for programs requiring a significant investment in resources or staffing (ex. Large Group First Aid Training Events).  In this case, there is no fee for rescheduling, but there is a fee for cancellations.

If your program is canceled for any reason other than inclement weather that makes it unsafe for participants or staff to travel to the training site then please be prepared that we invoice $95 +tx per instructor per day of canceled programming and that service fees for large programs will be invoiced according to the agreed upon contract.

20% Grace Window

Life happens and we don’t like to charge you for participants who weren’t able to be at the program.  However, we do also have to cover the expenses of preparing for your program and the expected number of participants.  This is why we have a 20% grace window.  If up to 20% of the expected number of participants do not show up for the program we will not charge you for them.

45 participants were expected for a team building program, however, three of them have the flu and one person had their car break down, so 41 showed up.

45 participants x 20% = 9 participant grace window
Therefore there will be no charge for the 4 missing participants
Your group will be billed for 41 participants

45 participants were expected for a team building program, however, your team experienced an internal miscommunication, overlapping the time with another event within your organization, resulting in 23 people showing up.

45 participants x 20% = 9 participant grace window
Therefore there will be no charge for nine missing participants
Your group will be billed for 36 participants

If you have any questions as to how the 20% Grace Window would apply to your program please contact our office and we’ll be happy to help!


You will receive an invoice at the completion of your programming, or at the end of the month if you have multiple program dates spread out over time.  Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date.  Invoices not paid on time are subject to a 10% late fee.

Outdoor Programming

If you have arranged for your program to happen outdoors please remind participants to dress appropriately and please have an indoor location prepared as a back-up in case the weather turns nasty.  Rain can actually add to the fun and we will enjoy being outside for as long as possible, however, we will not keep participants outdoors in heavy rain, high winds, extreme cold, or thunderstorms.

Programs canceled due to regular weather and lack of indoor space will be charged based on the 20% Grace Window unless other previous arrangements have been made in discussion with Open Door Development.

Bring your unused keys from your junk drawer or that are taking up space on your keychain to class and donate them to our KEYS TO SUCCESS program.  The money raised is used to provide training to those who have difficulty accessing it such as leadership development for youth at risk, first aid training for women's shelters and more!

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