Why Asking Donors For Money Causes Donors To Give Less:

A guide to increasing what people give by 83% for non-profit organizations and those just willing to ask


Money isn’t what makes it possible for you to accomplish your goals.  You need resources!  And I want you to be swimming in them.

Fundraisers provide a low return on investment when you look at the time and energy put into them because they focus on donor psychology and ask individuals for fundsResource campaigning results in receiving support from 100% of your donor community because they focus on donor sociology and asks communities for resources

To make the switch you just need a bit of insight into team and community dynamics!  Time for the perspective of a professional team builder!

Watch the pre-launch videos archived below to learn more about the book’s content.  There’s enough information in the videos to help get you started experiencing the benefits of resource campaigning now.  The book will take you to a whole new level, helping you leave fundraising in the dust and create comprehensive resource campaigns that result in your needs being met and exceeded in ways you never thought possible before!

Who can benefit from resource campaigning?

Employment Programs




Community Halls

Starving Students

Homeless Shelters

Food Cupboards

Animal Shelters

Disaster Relief Efforts

Sports Teams

Families Burdened By Debt

Healthcare Initiatives

Education Initiatives

Environmental Groups

Historical Societies

Children’s Clubs

Seniors Lacking Retirement Resources

In this book you’ll find:


  • The 8 Foundational Principles that will set any resource campaign up for success.
  • Over 40 power tips for gathering resources from all of The 6 Key Resource Categories by leveraging human sociology instead of psychology.
  • Why target donors have been giving to other organizations, but not to you and how to make that change.
  • Why you need to stop printing your logo on most promotional items and how this practice is sabotaging both your efforts to connect with your donor community and your internal team.
  • Positive practices that protect your team members from the physical and mental illnesses associated with having to network or schmooze as part of their job.
  • My prediction for why many large post-secondary institutions will either shrink significantly or close their doors by the year 2045, the trend that is going to cause the shift, and the two service models that will save the day.
  • What fundraising practices actively erode your donor community so you can get rid of them and make sure they don’t plague your resource campaigning.
  • How legacy funds can either build or break your donor community and how to ensure it’s working for you and not against you!
  • How a “more is better” mentality can result in more waste and broken donor relationships, and what mentality will instead foster the wise use of resources and strong donor relationships.
  • Why it’s time to stop asking for “reasonable” requests and how you can see your BIG needs met through your donor community.
  • Highlighted examples of organizations who are excelling at different elements of resource campaigning so you can learn from their success.
  • 65+ questions to help your organization apply the principles of resource campaigning so you can slowly transition at your desired speed!
  • And more!



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