Training That Works!

When your team receives training from Open Door Development you will see immediate impact! Tell us what your needs or goals are and we will provide a training experience that sets your team up for success.

Open Door Development offers a discount to schools, employment programs, and non-profit initiatives!

Why Our Training Works

Our courses and workshops make a difference, having immediate impact, because of our three core training principles:


Our training is in-depth while avoiding unnecessary complexity which means the material can be recalled under pressure when it is needed most.


By addressing root concepts we powerfully equip participants to apply their knowledge and skills to more scenarios and with more creative problem-solving skills.


Participants engage with the material and put what they've learned in to practice in the classroom so they are ready to use it the second they walk out the door.

Our services come to you for your convenience. Based in Ottawa, Ontario our regular program service area extends across Eastern Ontario. We happily serve clients anywhere outside of Eastern Ontario and simply apply a reasonable travel fee to cover additional expenses.

Why Onsite Services?

There are lots of benefits to having our training services come to you! Not having a large training facility to maintain helps to keep our costs lower and allows us to pass those savings on to you! Many participants also benefit from doing their training in a facility they are already familiar with and already know how to access. This can reduce anxiety and reduce transportation hassles. And for participants who benefit from consistency, we also do our best to follow your regular day schedule as much as possible so they can experience the greatest amount of success.

People learn best when given questions rather than answers. Watch our facilitators engage your group using training principles that get participants excited about the material and actively applying it outside of the classroom!

Choosing a Training Provider

When choosing a company to train your team we recommend looking at the following factors, and we promise to provide the best experience.

Is the trainer qualified?
Does the trainer have the knowledge and skills to address the topic at hand with expertise? Are they able to respond to difficult questions confidently, navigate classroom challenges competently, and accommodate special needs in order to create a high quality training experience for all participants?

Does the training provider love what they do?
Does the trainer communicate a natural enthusiasm or excitement for the subject they are teaching? Genuine interest in a subject is contagious and engages participants. When the trainer doesn't even like what they are teaching it leaks out and participants tend to be affected.

Does the training provider love the people they are working with?
Does the trainer communicate genuine respect for and personal interest in the people they are teaching? If participants get the sense that they are 'just another class' it can reduce their willingness to ask questions and engage with the material. When the instructor has sincere interest in connecting with the participants and connecting the course material to the participants' lives there is more willingness to engage and therefore a greater potential for growth.

Is the training material simple and lacking unnecessary complication?
When training material is presented in a simple way it doesn't mean that it has been dumbed-down. On the contrary, simple material that lacks unnecessary complexity means that participants can dive deeper in to the clear concepts instead of getting stuck in mental seaweed right when they enter the water. Complex material is also hard to remember when under pressure. You don't want your participants to leave the classroom and find that when the pressure is on the lesson is gone. Simple material will equip your participants to use their knowledge and skills when they are needed most.

Is the training material focused on foundational principles?
Training material that focuses too much on specifics can equip participants to respond to only a limited range of circumstances. When curriculum focuses on broader foundational principles, understanding why things happen and what principles can help improve the situation, participants are equipped to creatively problem-solve, addressing the glorious variety of curve balls that life can throw at them and with confidence.

Does the training allow for interaction with the material and hands-on practice?
It doesn't matter how great the training manual looks, or how intelligent a diagram is, or how much the facilitator knows at the end of the day. Can your participants perform the skill or put their knowledge in to practice as soon as they leave the classroom? Active engagement with the material during the training will provide the greatest chances of participants confidently and competently making use of what they've learned long after the training is over.

Our mission is to provide your team with training that works and at a price that is affordable. We serve a variety of clients ranging from schools and camps to national health care organizations, youth at risk to boards of directors. We tailor the presentation of the content based on your group's needs, age, goals, and program space. Every team should have equal opportunity to experience success and excel!

To make everyone's budgeting easier we've done the math for you! Simply hover your mouse over any course fee and you will see the fully calculated per participant cost so there are never any surprises. For an example, hover your mouse over this text.

How Do I Get Started?

Take some time to explore our website, clicking on the tabs to the right to learn more about our different services. You will find course descriptions, participant fees, time frames, space requirements and more. If you have any questions or would like to book a program you can fill out our online form, email, or call our office at 1-888-236-9914.