Training That Works!

When your team receives training from Open Door Development you will see an immediate change! What would you like to see? Increased confidence and competence when performing tasks? Improved communication and reduced conflict? Renewed energy, creativity and excitement when problem-solving and taking on challenges? Then you've come to the right place!

Open Door Development offers a discount to schools, employment programs, and non-profit initiatives!

Why Our Training Works

Our courses and workshops make a difference and have immediate impact because of our three core training principles:


Our training lacks unnecessary complexity which means the material can be recalled under pressure when it is needed most.


By addressing root concepts we powerfully equip participants to apply their knowledge and skills to more scenarios and with more creative problem-solving skills.


Participants engage with the material and put what they've learned in to practice in the classroom so they are ready to use it the second they walk out the door.

Our services come to you for your convenience. Based in Ottawa, Ontario our regular program service area extends across Eastern Ontario. We happily serve clients anywhere outside of Eastern Ontario and simply apply a reasonable travel fee to cover additional expenses.

Why Choose Open Door Development

Our clients call us back again and again for two reasons. The first is that we love what we do and we love who we work with, and participants pick up on that. They feel respected and engaged by a facilitator who cared about building on their current strengths and supporting them in their areas for growth.

The second reason is that we avoid the three typical training traps that many other companies (some of which charge a lot of money) fall in to.

One common trap is presenting information with too much complexity. Participants are either confused right from the beginning, or after an invigorating time of learning they find themselves in a position where the pressure is on and the lesson is gone.

Another common trap is focusing too much on the specifics. Other trainers focus on narrow concepts, equipping participants to deal with a very limited number of circumstances. So what if life throws them something else?

Yet one more trap is presenting participants with information instead of experience. It doesn't matter how great the training manual looks, or how intelligent a diagram is, or how much the facilitator knows at the end of the day. Can your participants perform the skill or put their knowledge in to practice as soon as they leave the classroom? If the answer is no, something has gone wrong.

Our mission is to provide your team with training that works and at a price that is affordable. We serve a variety of clients ranging from schools and camps to national health care organizations, youth at risk to boards of directors. We tailor the presentation of the content based on your group's needs, age, goals, and program space. Every team should have equal opportunity to experience success and excel!

To make everyone's budgeting easier we've done the math for you! Simply hover your mouse over any course fee and you will see the fully calculated per participant cost so there are never any surprises. For an example, hover your mouse over this text.

How Do I Get Started?

Take some time to explore our website, clicking on the tabs to the right to learn more about our different services. You will find course descriptions, participant fees, time frames, space requirements and more. If you have any questions or would like to book a program you can fill out our online form, email, or call our office at (613) 464-1980.